FOCP Member Meeting

Tuesday August 15th


Cooper Park Pavilion


6:30-7:00pm: Natural Areas Presentation

Presented by Katie Rademacher and Julia Robson of Milwaukee County Parks; Natural Areas Management Program.   

"From helping to absorb and filter storm water runoff to providing vital stopover habitat for migratory birds and butterflies, even the smallest of urban parks and backyard habitats can make an impact!"


Update on recent County Work (10min)  The northwest corner “project” - Bryan Meyer, Milwaukee County Parks

Review of FOCP Neighborhood Engagement Survey (10 min) - Co-Chair Dan Harland

Review of recent Tailgate Event (15min) - Events Coordinator Mark Mahoney, Treasurer Tracey Parrish

Future Event Planning (15min) - FOCP v Friends of Center Street “friendly” kickball match, Fall clean up in the park?

Review and Adoption of Bylaws (10 min, if time allows)