The Friends of Cooper Park are committed to bringing meaningful change to our beloved neighborhood park.

For 2019 we are seeking approval from Milwaukee County to bring a Pollinator Garden to the tired-looking Northwest corner of Cooper Park, but we need your help.

You may recall the NW Corner of the park was formerly bounded on two sides by an unkempt chain-link fence that encouraged trash, weeds, and other refuse to collect on Park grounds. After repeated requests for our neighbors, the County removed the fence and pulled up decades old invasive shrubs and replanted grass.

Now we enter Phase 2 of that project - with our plans for a native species Pollinator garden where the chain link fence once stood. The pollinator garden will add beauty to the park, attracting prospective facility renters, event participants and park visitors. Using Cooper Park’s pollinator garden as a model, other county parks could become part of the national trend for restoring pollinator habitat.

We need your help!

In order for this project to move forward, we need Milwaukee County to sign off on the project.

Consider a donation of time, money, or other resources to this project.

Perhaps this easiest way you can help get this project off the ground is with an email of support to Guy Smith (Executive Director for Milwaukee County Parks) and Paul Corrao (Our Park Unit Coordinator). We’ve even made a sample letter for to simply copy, paste and send!

Find the sample email to Guy Smith here! Copy and Paste that letter in an email to Mr. Smith!

Find the sample email to Paul Corrao here! Copy and Paste that letter in an email to Mr. Corrao!

Call the County Parks office at (414) 257-7275


Our goal is to raise $2000 for this project, and we’ve already got a nice start! With funds raised from movie nights, cook outs, and clean ups, we’re just about ready to make this project happen!

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