Why do we have officers?

Our current board and officers are comprised of a core group of neighbors who are deeply committed to seeing Cooper Park flourish. Having a small board allows for some flexibility in meeting times, delegating tasks, and making sure we cover every concern raised by neighbors during the infancy of our organization. You are always welcome to sit in on a board meeting which are generally held the second Tuesday of the month. 

Following the adoption of official organization Bylaws, the Officers and Board of Directors will be nominated and voted on by members in good standing. Until that time, the officers are installed by the steering committee. 


FOCP Officers

Judith Mead, Co-Chair and Founder

Dan Harland, Co-Chair

Molly Tremblay, Secretary

Tracey Parrish, Treasurer

Mark Mahoney, Chair of Events

The Steering Committee

The Steering Committee works alongside the Board to provide suggestions for day-to-day operations. The steering committee is a useful element in the early stages of volunteer group formation to get the group up and running. They are responsible for electing the Officers, Board of Directors and responding to neighbor concerns. The Steering Committee has been present at all early board meetings. 


FOCP Steering Committee

Chris Eldredge

Christine Jacobi

Doug Cheverie

Mark Mahoney

Dan Harland


Judith Mead

Molly Tremblay

Tracey Parrish

Erika Hoffmann